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In 2005 I started the Wills High School Web Site and vowed to spend my own money and time to have a place where our fellow classmates could get information on reunions, contribute information, stories and photos. Our goal is to keep free to the alumni, but it does cost money and time to run. We have web hosting bills to pay, and our small 1 person administration team works part-time solely on this site, programming new features and ensuring that all the alumni listings are as up-to-date as humanly possible.

Since 2005, we have received $725 in donations of that, $700 has been spent on new programming and web hosting fees, each year costs increase and I have paid and will pay for those increases. If you want to donate to this web site we thank you, If not we thank you as well as this is a project from the heart and we can not expect anything except that you visit this site whenever you want and have a good time doing so. - Joey Priser - webmaster "72"

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Make check out to: 3 Shades of Blue, Inc. 823 Pinellas Street Clearwater, Florida 33756 Memo area: Wills High

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